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Alan Ginsberg

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The Entrepreneur's Source® is the world's largest and #1 franchise coaching organization dedicated to empowering potential entrepreneurs to achieve their personal and professional goals through self-employment. The Entrepreneur's Source® is recognized as the industry leader in franchise education, coaching and knowledge of opportunities through the country.

With over 30 years of experience, The Entrepreneurs Source® pioneered the franchise coaching industry. Since then, we have been coaching and empowering tens of thousands of individuals to break free from the employment cycle and empower them to achieve their dreams and become self-sufficient through business ownership.


Bio Information

Alan joined The Entrepreneur's Source because of his desire to help people achieve their career dreams. He has been extensively trained in coaching, franchising and self employment options. With over 25 years experience in key management positions with several prominent retailers, Alan has the skills to assist others in their lifelong dreams. Alan holds a degree in Business Management from Pennsylvania State University. His hobbies include hiking, bicycling and volunteering in the community. Alan lives with his wife in Northern California. It's never too late to consider a career change, everyone can have an encore career.



"Alan helped place me in a franchise after working with me for almost two years. We looked at many business models and found the one that works best. I have finished my training and I can't wait for new life as an entrepreneur. It was his understanding of me personally that helped create a good fit. Alan made me think hard about what would work best and showed me options to investigate and I'm thrilled with my decision. I highly recommend Alan for anyone looking to make a change in their professional life.

Richard Carroll

Owner, Five Star Painting


"Alan was a great coach when my wife Teresa and I needed one. He worked with us  on what we wanted to do with starting out a new business, and was there for us on a constant basis, through discovery, interviews, due diligence and down to the final selection of a business. Without Alan's professional help and advice, this process would have slowed down significantly, and we may not have thought about all the aspects of the business before we made a choice. Alan is certainly someone whom we would recommend to others who are looking to start their own business.

Don and Teresa Conklin

Owners, SignWorld


"Ever since Alan Ginsberg has been my business coach I have felt more in control of my business, and more in control of my future. He has helped me prioritize action items and come to decisions that have literally brought in more sales and revenues. With his help my business is growing on a strong foundation!

Thank you - Alex Stadtner,
Owner/Operator, Healthy Building Inspections, LLC.


"Over the last 30+l years, I have had the opportunity to work with many experts in the franchise and business communities. It is always a pleasure to find individuals dedicated to their craft and focused on providing solutions to business owners and those faced with business challenges.

Alan is one such expert that provides valuable resources and expertise in helping to solve many of today's business challenges and helping people to find the BEST franchise opportunities in a pool of 3000+ choices. For anyone looking for such expertise - Alan should be on your short list of choices."

Larry Carnell

Thanks for taking a few minutes to check out my services. I look forward to helping you find the options that are right for you.

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